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Yoga has long been known to those who practice it to have many benefits for body, mind and spirit. More recently, it has come into the eye of the scientific community and through research and evidenced based protocols, it is rapidly becoming recognised as a valuable healing intervention.

YogaLove embraces all types of Yoga because, no matter which system suits you, the aim and end result of a dedicated practice is integration of the whole organism. Whether you want to gain and maintain a strong and healthy body, get to know how the mind works and therefore be more in control of your emotions and your destiny, connect to a more spiritual way of thinking and life or find a way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, Yoga has the technology.

And of course if you are simply looking for a fun way to keep fit, what better way than Yoga where all this comes as bonus?

How does it work?

Attention to body, mind and breath whilst doing postures creates mindfulness which starts to initiate changes in the physical structure and performance of the brain. This in turn creates balance and heightened control over emotions, better attention in every aspect of life and self regulation, all of which leads to a more harmonious way of living.

So, when thinking about wellbeing we can consider integration - by creating this harmonious relationship within ourselves, we allow our energy to flow, strengthening our connection with the world within which we live!

The Yoga's I teach are Kundalini Yoga which is a full spiritual practice. Minded Yoga Therapy which is an evidence based, scientific practice. Yoga in Recovery also leans on a more scientific approach. Yoga for ME and Chronic Conditions currently on a one to one basis is a mixture of science and spirituality. Yoga for fun tailored Yoga sessions for groups or individuals.

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