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YogaAlliance Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

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We are excited to announce another outstanding collaboration between YogaLove & the Minded Institute. Our 200HR Yoga Alliance approved teacher training course starts in January 2016. Contact Shaura on 0775 882 6614 for more details.

2016 Pilamaya Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

8am 7pm
15-16 Jan
2021 Feb
1920 Mar
1617 Apr
1415 May
1112 June
27 June 2 July

120 hrs
78 hrs
Dhyana & Samadi

Total Contact Hours: 198 hrs

Our students will leave this training with the ability to teach yoga with a deep understanding of multi-dimensional student needs and tutelage in and cultivation of qualities that instil excellence in teaching, including, but not limited to, compassion, sensitivity, and confidence. Participants will also learn appropriate sequencing and safe methods for modifying practices and/or how to adjust posture to various student levels and needs. We will also delve into empirical and academic knowledge of yogic philosophy and strategies for weaving philosophical yoga themes into asana and pranayama practices. Students of this course will practice developing strong language skills that promote clear, precise, and uplifting teaching and gain a deeper appreciation of the influence of yoga in the anatomy, physiology, neurophysiology, and subtle energy systems of our bodies. Course participants will leave possessing greater confidence in describing the physiological benefits of yoga to the general public and to medical professionals.

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The Yoga's I teach are Kundalini Yoga which is a full spiritual practice. Minded Yoga Therapy which is an evidence based, scientific practice. Yoga in Recovery also leans on a more scientific approach. Yoga for ME and Chronic Conditions currently on a one to one basis is a mixture of science and spirituality. Yoga for fun tailored Yoga sessions for groups or individuals.

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